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The 2076 Project

Where Common Sense Lives

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Introducing the 2076 Project, a platform dedicated to rekindling common sense in the hearts of the American people. Our mission is to foster unity and progress by providing a space where citizens can actively engage in shaping the nation's direction. With a focus on transparency and inclusivity, the 2076 Project empowers individuals to take part in national polls, contribute thought-provoking questions, and spark insightful discussions that transcend partisan boundaries.


We believe in the power of informed decisions. Through the 2076 Project, we aspire to provide Americans with unbiased answers to their questions, enabling them to navigate complex issues with clarity. By encouraging collaboration and shared understanding, we aim to redirect the nation's focus away from divisive politics and toward a collective pursuit of a brighter future. Join us in steering America toward a path of unity, progress, and common sense – one thoughtful question, one informed answer, and one united effort at a time.


Please note that the 2076 Project is an ever-growing platform, and not all features are currently available. However, as we continue to build, we invite all users to join us in shaping its development. Users will be notified as each new feature becomes fully available. In the meantime, we believe in full transparency, and users are free to read about upcoming features and participate in Beta testing. We are hoping for an official launch of consistently updated videos and material coming in May.

Question of the Week

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Advantages of Common Sense

  1. Collective Unity: Embrace your chosen party if they effectively celebrate achievements resulting from practical solutions, as we are all united towards common goals.

  2. Elimination of Hostile Rhetoric: Nonconstructive and irrational discourse only squanders time and inflicts harm. If a statement doesn't contribute to solving issues, it contributes to the problems at hand.

  3. Relying on Verified Information: Similar to a courtroom's standards, adhere to established facts. Avoid hearsay, insinuations, exaggerations, baseless theories, and alternative facts.

  4. Immediate Focus on Crucial Issues: Address pressing matters promptly to ensure they receive the necessary attention.

  5. Formulated Resolutions: Establish well-thought-out solutions through thoughtful consideration.


Coming Soon

At the 2076 Project, we believe in empowering voters by helping them make informed decisions. Our IdeoMatch   feature is designed to create meaningful connections between users and political candidates based on shared values and beliefs.

Here's how it works:

1. Answer Questions

Periodically, we will present a series of questions covering a wide range of topics, from healthcare and education to the economy and social issues. Users are encouraged to answer these questions honestly and thoughtfully.

2. Profile Building

Your answers contribute to building your unique profile within our platform. The more questions you answer, the more comprehensive your profile becomes.

3. Matchmaking Algorithm

Our advanced matchmaking algorithm analyzes user profiles and compares them with the platforms of political candidates. The algorithm identifies candidates whose views align closely with yours based on your answers.

4. Candidate Recommendations

Based on the matchmaking results, we provide personalized candidate recommendations. These recommendations help you discover politicians whose policies and priorities resonate with your values and priorities.

5. Stay Updated

As the election approaches, we continue to update your profile based on new questions and information. This ensures that your candidate recommendations remain relevant and up-to-date.

6. Promise Monitoring

Our platform keeps track of political developments. Even after elections, we monitor elected officials' actions and statements. If a representative changes their views or policies, we update your matches accordingly.

Informed Voting:

Build Your Profile empowers users to make informed voting decisions by understanding which candidates share their perspectives and priorities.

Why Build Your Profile?

Personalized Recommendations:

Our matchmaking algorithm provides personalized candidate recommendations tailored to your unique profile, saving you time and effort in researching political platforms.

Transparency and Accountability:

We prioritize transparency and provide detailed information about how the matchmaking algorithm works, ensuring trust and accountability in the candidate recommendation process.

Join us at the 2076 Project and start building your profile today to discover political candidates who align with your values and visions for the future. Your voice matters, and together, we can create positive change through informed voting.

Unlock the Benefits of Joining the 2076 Project

Discover how being part of our movement empowers you to shape a brighter future, connect with like-minded individuals, and make a meaningful impact on America.

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Having a Voice

By joining, you have the opportunity to have your voice heard on important issues and contribute to meaningful change in America.

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Being Part of History

Participants are contributing to a movement that aims to shape the future of the nation, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

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Influence Policy

The potential to influence policy decisions and advocate for change at local, state, and national levels.

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Positive Impact on Communities

The project's initiatives and activities can positively impact communities by addressing specific challenges.

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Education and Awareness

Being part of the project provides access to educational resources and opportunities to become more informed about critical issues.

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Sense of Belonging

By joining, individuals become part of a community that shares common values and a commitment to making America a better place for all.

Special Offers

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