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Welcome to The 2076 Project

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Your Voice, Your Vote, Our Future! The 2076 PROJECT is a groundbreaking strategy that empowers every American to be involved in their democracy. In a digital world where collective opinions should matter more than ever, this innovative platform gives everyone the opportunity… the power to affect the national debate. Built on the principles of logic and common sense, the 2076 PROJECT provides a voice for Americans of all backgrounds, ages and perspectives. Whether its economic, educational, healthcare, or environmental the platform covers all topics that affect our lives. Though a seamless, user-friendly interface members can access factual information on weekly topics and select one of the proposed solutions or suggest an alternative. The website prioritizes privacy and security while insuring accuracy. With the 2076 PROJECT the power… the solution lies in the hands of its people. Be part of a movement that transforms the way government listens to its citizens. Require your voice resonate throughout the country. Together, lets build a future that reflects the diverse perspectives and aspirations of the American People. Join the 2076 PROJECT today and let your voice be heard. Our democracy will be stronger when you do.

We are Americans First!

The 2076 project weekly newsletter surveys are an opportunity for every American to have their voice heard and their opinions counted.

Your identity and information will never be shared or used in a way that could identify you. Your voting is also confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

We take your privacy very seriously. We use industry-standard security measures to protect your information. Your information will never be sold or shared.

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