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2076 Project

Where Common Sense Lives

In 1776, Thomas Paine authored a 47-page pamphlet titled Common Sense, which possibly ignited the call for independence from Great Britain. His lucid arguments spurred many to action. Today, we believe the imperative for change is even more pressing. Our youth are adrift, our government dysfunctional, our families fractured, and our core principles of truth, fairness, and freedom trampled upon. The American Dream appears distant for most, and despair looms. We hold that Common Sense solutions can once again galvanize us into action.

The crux of the issue lies within us. We've forsaken our common sense values, exchanging communal welfare for a self-centered ethos where even our loved ones often take a backseat. Crafting a fulfilling and enriching life necessitates collective effort.

Thank you for joining 2076Project today in reintegrating Common Sense into our daily lives.

How will we achieve this? Our Mission Statement:

Firstly, we aim to re-establish Common Sense as a lifestyle through training and mentoring. Secondly, we advocate for the integration of Common Sense in governance, fostering national unity to tackle shared challenges while engaging in constructive debates and seeking compromises on divisive issues. We acknowledge the value of independent thought, diverse beliefs, and free thinking for our enduring well-being. Thirdly, we pledge to monitor our elected officials to ensure alignment with our objectives.

2076 Project

Common Sense in our Lives

One of the most crucial skills, decision-making, often eludes formal education. Significant choices concerning relationships, substance use, lifestyle, and more are made without the necessary tools or commonsense guidance. Many fail to realize their full potential due to missed opportunities, hurdles left unaddressed, goals unmet, or risks unexplored. We aspire to assist you in bridging this gap.

Our approach encompasses three facets. Firstly, we provide essential guidelines encompassing budgeting, career selection, credit management, transportation, consumerism, insurance, homeownership, banking, driving proficiency, healthcare, and beyond—life skills that may have been overlooked in traditional education.

Secondly, we offer real-life decision-making examples through various media formats, showcasing individuals applying Common Sense in their everyday lives. We furnish resources for those pursuing the American Dream, grappling with health crises, seeking happiness, or battling dependencies.

Thirdly, we facilitate mentorship from members. You can present your challenges, delineate pertinent variables, propose potential solutions, and receive feedback through member evaluations and optional suggestions. Subsequently, you can formulate an action plan and evaluate outcomes.

With practice and guidance, Common Sense becomes second nature—a heightened discernment, an elevated streetwise acumen.


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2076 Project

Common Sense in Politics

We've allowed rampant malfeasance in our local, state, and federal governments. It's unsurprising when politics becomes a playground for those backed by hefty donations. To combat this, we must divest politics of its ties to wealth and power and welcome fresh perspectives into governance.

Let's shift the paradigm. What's more valuable than monetary contributions? The support of independent and moderate voters. What if we establish our platform and compel politicians to align with our ideals? The time for change is now, poised to impact the upcoming elections.

Here's Our Common Sense Strategy 

  1. Assemble a coalition of forward-thinking Americans willing to dedicate roughly 30 minutes weekly—approximately 10,000,000 strong.

  2. Develop a platform reflecting the perspectives of our members—a collection of Common Sense reforms. We begin with the principles outlined in the book "Common Sense" by No Labels, founded in 2010. Members will review and vote on these ideas, shaping our platform swiftly. Furthermore, we advocate for systemic reforms such as abolishing the electoral college, ending gerrymandering, curtailing excessive lobbying, revising outdated drug policies, and legal reform. Our platform serves as a catalyst for positive change.

  3. Establish a vetting process for aspiring candidates akin to job applications. Members evaluate candidates based on qualifications, accomplishments, references, background checks, and personal statements. Top contenders receive organizational support for ballot access—no financial obligations, no allegiance to special interests.

  4. Foster an environment where members can present problems, outline variables, and propose solutions. Collective wisdom guides individuals toward Common Sense choices.


Participation is essential in a democracy. We must educate ourselves, select the best representatives, and hold them accountable. Today, Common Sense can once again empower us to reclaim our nation, fostering unity through active civic engagement.


Aiding the resurgence of Common Sense is our pathway to a better America—less animosity, more collaboration, understanding, and hope for a brighter future. Your involvement is crucial. With a substantial portion of the electorate onboard, we can effectuate Common Sense reforms benefiting everyone. By supporting each other through challenges, we mitigate potential calamities—a fundamental aspect of our shared humanity. Take the first step by joining us at your preferred level of involvement.


Thank you 😊

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