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The Mission Is Simple

Our mission is to provide an unbiased and nonpartisan way to get informed on topics that will be on upcoming ballots and providing information to candidates that have chances at getting elected. 2076 is here for you to get informed and make educated decisions when voting. 

An Online Forum By Americans For Americans

Discuss with fellow Americans about topics and decisions that will be on upcoming ballots. Join the community and talk about topics that are important to you. 

Find Topics That Interest You
Find Topics That Interest You
Topics on the ballot come in a wide range of options. Learn, get informed, and find topics that are important to you.
Weigh In And Discuss The Topics
Weigh In And Discuss The Topics
Discuss topics that you have interest in and gain information from other Americans.
See What Your Fellow Americans Think
See What Your Fellow Americans Think
See what your fellow Americans think of topics that you have an interest in, in our discussion forum
Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help! Here's some of our frequently asked questions! 

What Is 2076 Project?

The 2076 Project  is a common sense, scientific, non political, rational, transparent effort to identify and address the many problems facing our republic.  We are currently a small group of concerned voters disillusioned by all the organized parties.  It is our opinion that without serious adjustments…. American society as we know it will be gone well before her 300th birthday.  

If our platform can become the place to go for voting research, we can take the money out of politics and get the leadership we deserve.  If our platform can encourage citizen participation though interaction we can get the country we desire. 

We are Americans first and welcome anyone who believes America can do better.  Invest a few minutes reviewing our position.  If you like it, if it makes you smile… please join the effort.  Many totally unpaid positions are available in leadership, software development, marketing, platform operation and others. There is no cost to participate.  

What Is the Purpose of 2076 Project?

We’re All Americans 

Its time we started acting that way.

Its time we started working together.

Its time we treated each other better.

Its time every American did their part.


2076 Project is an effort to help us understand where we’re at, why we’re here and what we can do to help our country survive until its 300th birthday and beyond.  


If each American follows the easy common sense steps outlined within…. the following will happen:

  1. We will eliminate the need for money in politics
  2. We will improve the quality of our elected officials and our government
  3. We will start to address issues vital to maintaining the American Dream
  4. We will understand what is real and what isn’t.
  5. Thanksgiving will return to a day for families to enjoy each other.


What Topics Can We Discuss on 2076 Project Platform?

The 2076 Project platform makes it possible to discuss topics that you are passionate about. You can view our full list of topics to discuss with other members here

What Are the Hottest Issues Currently?

The following are some of our hotest issues with logical solutions.




We need to consider corporate broadcasting and social media as entertainment.  Open, unfiltered, unchecked public space is a breeding ground for misinformation. It is not the place to research who or what you vote for, form educated opinions or understand who your fellow Americans are. Our intension is to work with those already fact checking and provide a place to get real information from both sides allowing you to come to your own conclusions.


Politics: Local and National


It is our opinion that the fix is easy requiring no funding and less effort than your currently expending if your watching the circus.  First we need to encourage anyone who has leadership abilities to run. Just as any well run business takes applications our candidates should impress us with their skills, qualifications and past achievements… not their paid advertising.  Our website allows candidates to profile …. honestly…. their qualifications for our job.


Second, it should be easy to determine which candidate will reflect our views if elected.  Candidates will complete a questionnaire covering all hot topics with 1/no 2/prob not, 3/open minded, 4/probably, 5/yes. Each topic will also ask their proposed effort (hot or not) to resolve the issue. Members will also be able to complete the same survey and our system will provide a live report suggesting who might best represent us.  It will also follow that candidate thru their term.


Third, we need accurate information to make an educated choice.  All issues will be debated by professionals in their fields.  Facts will be checked, fake news will be rejected.   While we will bring the question to its best conclusion the entire process will remain online should new information come to lite.


Fourth and most important, we need a system which counts every American’s vote 18 yrs and over.  Anything that sidetracks or waters down the vote needs to go.  Gerrymandering suggests candidates can select voters.  We would like to see a process where you could vote from your favorite device.  Banking seems to make it work.  Unarguably it has to be hackproof and have a master check available for individual voters to confirm accuracy. 


Get Involved. We Have Volunteer Opportunities

Have an eye for politics? We would love for you to join our team of volunteers to provide unbiased and nonpartisan information to our community members. Join our team today! 

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